Accepted Items for Recycling

Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) Televisions (fees apply: $.70/lb,)

Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) Computer Monitors (fees apply: $.70/lb)

Rear Projection Screen Televisions (fees apply: $.70/lb)

Flat Screen Televisions (fees apply: $.70/lb)

Audio Visual Equipment - DVD/VCR/CD/MP3/Stereos/Etc.

Cell Phones

LCD Monitors (fees apply $10.00/monitor)

Desktop Computers & Dummy Terminals


Laptops and laptop docking stations

Computer Components & Peripherals

Mice & Keyboards

Ethernet Switches & Networking Hubs

Modems/Routers/Networking Equipment

Digital Cable Boxes & DVR’s

Video Gaming Consoles

Remote Controls

Printers/ Scanners/ Faxes (fees apply: .$10.00/item)

Copiers (fees apply $.15/lbs)

Telephones & Telecom Equipment

UPS Backup Systems/Power Supplies/transformers/electric motors

Wires & Cables

We are certified to destruct data from hard drives for $10 per drive (ask about price breaks)

Please Contact Us for questions about items not listed, pricing, and any other information about our company.