How It Works (Reverse Logistics/Supply Chain)

E-Waste Recycling is the final step to your supply chain, or, as we like to consider it, reverse logistics. Everyone understands how to bring in and use material, but the process of disposing this material gets lost and or forgotten.

This is where we come in! We make it simple and easy to get rid of your e-waste material, and our pick-up process is simple and quick. Once your electronics are picked up, they are sorted at our facility, packaged, and shipped to a shredding company. Once they arrive there, the electronics run through a machine which continuously shreds them until they ultimately become a black power. This powder is then sent to a smelter, where it is melted and eventually extracted back into its original, precious metal form. This process not only allows us to keep harmful material out of landfills, but also allows us to give back by recycling these materials back into their original forms.

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